About Skye

Skye is a geological masterpiece with a  complete spectrum of rock types from igneous to sedimentary with its mountain and coast sculpted by glaciers which once covered the island.

The Hills 

With wonderful names such as The Black Cullin, Trotternish Ridge and The MacLeod's Tables, you will see these with more to come. Skye Hikers will open up more of the natural history and hidden meanings of the names and places.

Celtic Spirit

Skye Hikers can decode some of the names in Gaelic you see on the maps to give you the genuine culture of the land.

Mountains next to the Sea

The mountain's locations are equivalent of being 3,000 feet above sea level when you maybe only 150 feet from the tide mark on the shore. Visitors come here because they love to see  the mountains next to the sea. 

Shore camp looking over the mainland
The Great Stone Chute + Sgurr Alister


You may be fortunate to come across some of the paleacrtic wildlife which finds its southern range here. Such as the  Great Skua, and the White Tailed Sea Eagle. Other wise if you are here in high summer you can hear the cuckoo and the skylark, plus, see moorland covered with  white bog cotton and smell the  aromatic aroma of myrtle in the air. In late summer the hills are coloured by the purple of heather.

You will be a Lucky Thing

If you see the Aurora Borealis, if you chance by an otter in the water, glimpse deer bounding  you will have caught the elusive. 


You will walk through a land which is flows with history from the prehistoric times of the Picts, the coming of the Celts from Ireland and the invading then settling Vikings of Norway. There were the disputes and  battles of the clans MacDonald and MacLeod. Plus the story of the Highland Clearances which emptied the island of  many  of its people for Canada and beyond.  The present day economy and the future are worthy of discussion.


Skye Hikers logo.jpg
Skye Hikers logo.jpg

Best Time

Late winter and Early Spring are in my opinion the most dramatic times of year and recommended for the very best in landscape photography. You can experience all the weathers in an hour.

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